What’s new in March 2021

Wi-Fi positioning

Here is a step-by-step description of how the Wi-Fi geolocation process looks like:

  • When a device with the enabled Determine location by Wi-Fi points option finds itself between multiple Wi-Fi points, it sends a message with the information about the access points. The purpose of the message is to determine the unit location in relation to the Wi-Fi points.

  • IoT-Track determines the coordinates. The system processes the data about the access points, tests them according to the pre-set criteria, and selects the valid ones. IoT-Track takes the selected points and sends a request to Google Maps to receive the unit coordinates.

  • IoT-Track replaces the coordinates in the message. If the data does not meet the established criteria of accuracy, then IoT-Track leaves the message in its original form.

Automatic vehicle type detection

Now, IoT-Track can automatically determine the vehicle type. You don’t need to select it yourself – the system will do it for you.

In the future, IoT-Track will be able to determine other unit types, for example, personal trackers.

In order to teach IoT-Track to determine vehicle types as accurately as possible, we need to collect as much data from our users as possible. For users with the right to edit the unit properties, we suggest going to the Profile tab and check the vehicle type determined by IoT-Track.

Automatic vehicle type detection