IOT-Track Platform for GPS tracking and IoT

IoT-Track for fleets monitoring allows you to both optimize your costs and improve driver accountability. The system ensures control over various units – from conventional transport to family pets.

GPS tracking online with IoT-Track system allows for:

  • unit location and movement landmark history and control
  • tracking a specified set of unit parameters, such as movement speed, Power cut-off, temperature and etc.
  • managing units (executing commands, automatic jobs performance) and mobile workforce (text communications, calls, assignments, and order management)
  • unit activity notifications
  • unit route performance control
  • unit data analysis and interpretation via reports (tables and graphs) and much more.

Flexible online monitoring capabilities

Online vehicle tracking by IoT-track offers truly flexible fleet and asset tracking capabilities. The system is fully customizable, which provides specific solutions to address any business issue. IoT-Track online monitoring solutions allow to:

  • Use almost any type of GPS/GLONASS hardware and a variety of external sensors, including temperature sensors in refrigerated and FMCG trucks.
  • Choose preferred map layers, including OpenStreetMap, Yandex Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, and proprietary informational service IoT Track Maps.
  • Analyze sensor values, movement speed and any other unit data online.
  • Create geofences and monitor visits, receiving instant notifications when the unit enters/leaves a geofence.
  • Analyze driver behavior and identify reckless driving using Eco Driving module.

  • Electronic driver logs, accurate odometer reportings and mileage counters to ensure driver compliance.
  • Track stationery and mobile assets with cellular tower-based positioning option when GPS signal is weak or not available.
  • Generate links and share location for personal tracking or mobile workforce management purposes.
  • Get relevant data from units online with mobile application for iOS and Android platforms.

IoT-Track system allows users to set up events (speed limit violations, fuel filling and alarm button activation) as notification triggers. Notifications can be sent via email, SMS, displayed in a pop-up window, or delivered as push notifications via mobile app on the smartphone.

IoT-Track Platform is able to process and analyze any data from units, show it in reports and visualize it as graphs. A user can choose report contents by setting up report templates. The reports can be created for one unit or unit group: flexible settings provide you with relevant information.