Configurable navigation bar for the IoT-Track app for iOS and Android

Flexible navigation bar

What users can do themselves

We improved the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen by adding the ability to leave only the necessary tabs there, i.e., hide unnecessary tabs. Clients can change the tabs order as well.

For example, your client has only one unit on the list. It’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t really need the Monitoring tab that shows the entire working list of units. So why let it take space in the tab bar? In the Settings tab, he can drag it to the block with hidden tabs, thus hiding it. Here he can also drag the Map tab to the top of the tab list so that he can see his unit on the map right after logging into the app.

As a result, the clients got a more flexible navigation bar that allows setting up the tabs order needed in the particular case. By the way, if there are many tabs on the bar, now they can be handily scrolled by swiping to the right or left or by clicking on the corresponding arrows.

The navigation bar with just three tabs left